Xbox 360

Region Free on some titles, Region Free with hardware modification only on others (Xbox Live download titles Region Free with multiple accounts)

For physical disks, Much like the original Xbox, developers were allowed to choose if they wanted to make their games region-free or not. More did for 360 than on Xbox, but a good number didn’t. In order to play the latter, you will need to install modchips, which are beyond the scope of this document. This also applies to original Xbox discs that you are running on your system via the emulation layer – if an original Xbox game is locked to Japanese systems, it will only work on a Japanese Xbox 360.

For Xbox Live titles, things are a little different. You can download games from other regions freely, though you will need the following:

  • A separate Microsoft Account with the location and billing address set to whatever region you are downloading from, e.g. for a US game you will need an account set to the United States, with an address somewhere in the country (just look one up on Google or similar).
  • A payment method for that region: the easiest way to do this is to just buy prepaid Store cards from an imports site.
  • A VPN provider who can terminate in that country for the duration of the download, because the Microsoft download servers check where you’re connecting from!

However, once downloaded onto the system, every account whose primary console is the same one will be freely able to use that game – i.e. you can use the other-region accounts simply for purchasing, and your main account to play the title.

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