A Little More Maintenance

April 9th, 2020

Has it really been 11 and a half years since I started this thing? Wow…

I’ve done some more work on the backend – removed some redundant plugins, updated the site software, etc. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to fully finishing this site. 😛

Oh, and have a couple more pages:

Some Light Maintenance

May 7th, 2016

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done anything…

I’ve added a couple of pages in for the following systems:

I’ve also done a little bit of work behind the scenes on stuff that’s not immediately obvious but will assist with further stuff on the backend. I know that given the rate I’ve been adding to the site (nothing for 6 years…!) it may well be ages until everything’s done, but I’ve not entirely forgotten about this project; it’s just it’s largely finished for the older stuff and there’s comprehensive material easily findable for newer systems already!

Until next time, then…

New Pages!

October 15th, 2009

It’s going to be the site’s 1st birthday in just under 2 weeks. Honestly, I expected this to be done a long time ago, but what with work and other things, I just haven’t had the time or the energy to do work on this site for long periods – but what I can finally do today is post the system details for what I’ve done so far. Basically, it’s everything bar the region locked systems of the current generation and the last one, minus GameCube which I’ve done.

The list of new pages is:

Anyhow, enjoy! Hopefully it won’t take close to another year to get the rest done. 😛

I’m Still Not Dead

February 22nd, 2009

Still not gone, folks. Just taking a little longer than I thought. However, I will note that I’ve finished everything bar the most modern systems – in fact, depending on what happens tomorrow I might release what I’ve done already this weekend.

Hang in there, we’re nearly home. 😉

Status Update

December 31st, 2008

OK, so there’s no way I’m going to have this finished before 2009, bearing in mind it’s the 31st of December right now. For that I can only apologise, but work has been insane lately (for example, a few days ago I claimed 4 hours overtime for a single day – my workday is 9 on top of that!)

However, I offer something to prove I’m making progress. You should now see on the top right of the index page a second item on the pages list. This is a list of the 100% region-free systems that need no special changes to play imported games. This list does not contain systems that have partial region-locking – for example, PlayStation 3 will have a seperate page as even though its discs are region-free, the regioned downloads are worthy of a seperate discussion. I also have hidden away an in-progress list that I’m working on, that will eventually serve as a hub for all the pages on the site.

I have a large clump of days off as of today for nearly a week, so I’m hoping that the site will be all-but done by then – in the mean time, accept my apologies and remember that even the best planned schemes sometimes overrun a little. Rest assured I fully intend to finish this. 😉

Happy New Year, everyone!

Jan 5 Edit: OK. Yeah, it’s not gonna be done when I thought it was – at this point, I’m just going to say “End of January” as a target. I realise I’m making a ton of excuses here, but family commitments have taken a lot more time up than I thought they would. This will probably be the last update post I make until I have some substancial progress to report, so hang tight. It might not look like I’m doing anything, but I am, honest. 😀

Current Status

November 30th, 2008

OK, so I got a little caught up by NaNoWriMo and haven’t done anywhere near as much as I’d have liked to on the site by now, and for that I do apologise. However, I have now completed that challenge, and am free to work on other projects again. 🙂 I do have some stuff I’m working on behind the scenes – though you can’t see any of it yet. I think you’ll find it a valuable resource when we’re ready to go, however.

NaNoWriMo has taught me one thing, however – and that’s if I have a deadline set, I actually have a chance of sticking to it. To that end, I’m currently targetting the 31st of December 2008 as the launch date for the site – all ready to go for the brand-spangly new year of 2009.

I hope to see you all then! 😀

Welcome to RegionFreeGamer!

October 27th, 2008

Hi there! Welcome to the site – we’re not quite ready to go yet, but rest assured we’re pretty close now! Check out the About link to the right while you’re waiting, or just come back in a few days. 😉

Mind our dust while we finish hammering this together…