Status Update

OK, so there’s no way I’m going to have this finished before 2009, bearing in mind it’s the 31st of December right now. For that I can only apologise, but work has been insane lately (for example, a few days ago I claimed 4 hours overtime for a single day – my workday is 9 on top of that!)

However, I offer something to prove I’m making progress. You should now see on the top right of the index page a second item on the pages list. This is a list of the 100% region-free systems that need no special changes to play imported games. This list does not contain systems that have partial region-locking – for example, PlayStation 3 will have a seperate page as even though its discs are region-free, the regioned downloads are worthy of a seperate discussion. I also have hidden away an in-progress list that I’m working on, that will eventually serve as a hub for all the pages on the site.

I have a large clump of days off as of today for nearly a week, so I’m hoping that the site will be all-but done by then – in the mean time, accept my apologies and remember that even the best planned schemes sometimes overrun a little. Rest assured I fully intend to finish this. 😉

Happy New Year, everyone!

Jan 5 Edit: OK. Yeah, it’s not gonna be done when I thought it was – at this point, I’m just going to say “End of January” as a target. I realise I’m making a ton of excuses here, but family commitments have taken a lot more time up than I thought they would. This will probably be the last update post I make until I have some substancial progress to report, so hang tight. It might not look like I’m doing anything, but I am, honest. 😀

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